What So Being An Antinarmile Police. A Scanner Darkly – Movie Review

Once in California, seven years ….
Drug use is outbreak, production network and its distribution is increasingly difficult to trace. Many police are killed in disguise as their identity is revealed. Technology is increasingly enhanced sophistication. Every phone conversation is tracked, recorded, and the perpetrators are identified with the most powerful and satellite computers. Every antinarkoba police officer while in office wears a special outfit that covers the entire body and disguises the identity of the wearer by altering the visual appearance of each body part randomly at any time.

Bob played by Keanu Reeves is one of the antinarkoba police. He was sent to investigate the distribution chain of substance D, a type of drug that is ngetren. Due to work demands, he also took the drug. This needs to be done to make it look like a real compactor. With so disguises will not be uncovered.

It turns out that substance D has side effects that damage the brain. The symptoms are the way of thinking begins to mess, paranoia (suspicion unfounded), hallucinations, and if it is severe, the user can no longer distinguish the real and unreal (psychosis). Bob’s condition gets worse. He was threatened with being fired on drugs charges. Bob was confused. Should not he consume D substance in order to blend in with the dealers?

The story continues until the audience finally finds out that Bob is just a sacrificed sacrifice to get information about the substance production site D. The condition of his brain that is heavily damaged by substance D can not be restored. How miserable is his fate.

Many of us do not realize that drugs increasingly affect the livelihood of many people. And many victims have fallen, both from the user, the user’s family, distributors, makers, and pemaknya. Maybe that’s the moral message to be conveyed through this film. No party benefits from drug deals, except for a handful of people at the top of their trading links.

I think this film is good in terms of storyline, message to be conveyed, and visual beauty (this film is a combination of animation and real images, a new breakthrough in the world of film). Only, for some people this film may be impressed too slow and long-winded from the beginning until the scene of Bob threatened to be fired by his boss. However, from my perspective, the scenes serve to illustrate the path of a compactor, whose chaotic path, too hesitant, overly suspicious, and … absurd. That’s how it is.

This movie is very serious, so for those of you who want to find entertainment should not watch this movie. After all, the story ends up unhappy. Dongkol and sad also feel to see the hero become a sacrifice. Usually a champion always wins over evil, right ?! So exactly this film describes the drama of the real world: Not everything is sweet, sometimes we have to swallow the bitter reality.

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