UP: Movie Review for Kids, Striving to Make Dreams into Reality

UP Movie Review for Kids. It’s about adventuring The World, Striving to Make Dreams into Reality.
Looking for a nice movie for your kids? Let’s try this film, UP , a movie review to help you decide whether this movie recommended or not for your kids.

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Movie Title: UP
Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Release Date: 2009
Duration: 96 minutes
Production: Pixar Animation Studios
Cast: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson, etc.

Is adventure only suitable for young people? Maybe that’s how it is. Many occur, after marriage, people begin to dim the idealism, dreams, and passion of adventure. Being an adult means being realistic, thinking about family safety and comfort.

However, not for the main character in the film, Carl Fredricksen, an unfriendly and grumpy grandfather. Maybe the reader will frown a bit. Hmm … how could an elderly -who is not fun- be a character full of adventure and love of children? Let us examine the plot of this movie first.

Once, a tall, thick-eyed boy walked home after watching a movie about his idol, Charles Muntz. This idol is a true adventurer because he often explores the world that has never been visited by ‘civilized’ people with his zeppelin plane.

A chubby kid stopped his steps when he heard a sound like a driver of zeppelin aircraft, sourced from an empty house unkempt. He enters the house and finds Ellie, a shaggy-haired girl, with large teeth and one stroke, and a strange speech. Unexpectedly, they have a common interest that equally idolizes Charles Muntz and his adventures.

Who would have thought that they would be married couples and live happily lovingly for decades? Then who could have imagined that their dreams of adventure to the Paradise waterfall in South America have often run aground because of the exhausted savings for unexpected daily needs? As if not enough of the trials the couple had received, Ellie fell ill and died.

Since then, the male character has changed, from being jovial and loving to being unfriendly and grumbling. Yes, he is Carl.

When threatened expelled from his own home and sent to a nursing home, Carl made an extreme move, flying his home using 10,000 helium balloons. This was the last attempt he could make to keep his promise, fulfilling Ellie’s dream of venturing into Paradise waterfall.

Throughout the film will be found many unexpected things that seem to prevent Carl to keep his promise. Including Russell the boy scout, Kevin the giant bird, and Dug the goofy but merciful dog. Can Carl keep his promise while there are a lot of intruders hampering it?

best animated film UP movie review for kids -parents guide-summary-synopsis

UP a Movie Review for Kids

This film is great for educating children to be more respectful and affectionate to the elderly. However, the generally annoying elderly have a history. They have also been children and actually have a deep affection even though it looks less friendly and grumbling, as depicted in this movie.

This film also seems to remind us to always struggle to realize the idealism, dreams, and passion of adventure, even to our old farts. UP, highly recommended for children and adults to watch, and do not forget: elderly. We hope this movie review help you decide the best for your kids.

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