The Day The Earth Stood Still, A Review

Movie Title: The Day The Earth Stood Still
Director: Scott Derrickson
Release Date: December 12, 2008 (Indonesia)
Duration: 104 minutes
Production: 3 Arts Entertainment, Earth Canada Productions, & Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Players: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, etc.

Various films have been made to warn us of the dangers of the earth if we do not take care of them qualitatively. This film is one of them, tells of extraterrestrials who came to earth with a noble goal: to preserve the earth. Notice throughout the film how people (especially Americans) react to a creature that takes the human form. The army immediately shot him with a firearm. The government is so suspicious that it interrogates Klaatu, the alien, as if dealing with terrorists. A child even wants to kill him for having the prejudice that all the aliens would want to occupy the earth. Only the scientists have captured Klaatu’s good faith. Did these scientists prevent human extinction?

One lesson to be learned from this film is how science (education) has a very significant influence on the efforts to save mankind …, and the earth. When will our government realize this? The world of education in Indonesia is very strange. Smart people are regarded as aberrations and need not be handled facilitatively. No wonder the nation’s assets are far more valuable than this money targeted by foreign parties (Singapore, for example). One of the educational institutions when interviewed by Kompas said that the government has allocated millions of funds for smart students. Yes, that’s how our government deals with smart people: by allocating funds!

Back on this movie. The film is a remake of the 1951 production film of the same title. The 1951 film shows how Klaatu tries to warn humans to care for the earth not to be destroyed. But people ignore it. The events described in this film are very relevant to the present. Many people are so indifferent to the condition of the earth, even denying the existence of global warming. Let’s take a look. Already 58 years ago the film was produced, but how many people are awakened to care for the earth? How hard the human head ….

However, it’s good to keep hope. Can not be ignored, there are environmental conservation efforts that we should support. Do not we become destroyers and destroyers, we should be builders and conservationists. Do not let the words Klaatu come true: “Humans are the main cause of extinction of the earth. Though the earth is one of the few planets in the universe that can sustain complex life (many species). It is preferable that one species be destroyed for the safety of the earth and many other species. “

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