Teletubbies, One of Children Favorite TV Show

Starring Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, Teletubbies has become one of legendary children’s television show in the world. Teletubbies was a BBC children’s television series, primarily aimed at pre-school viewers, produced from 1997 to 2001 by Ragdoll Productions. It was on 31 March 1997, Teletubbies first episode aired on BBC2. Since then, Teletubbies  as children favorite tv show has been aired in over 128 countries in 46 different languages. In the United States. Teletubbies was aired on the PBS Network from April 6th, 1998 to June 19th, 2005.

Teletubbies_ children favorite tv show preschooler

Teletubbies, named after the television screens implanted in the four multi-coloured characters/dolls. Their communication style were designed to bear resemblance to young children. The show takes place in a landscape populated by rabbits. It was grassy and has some flowers. The four characters lives i a house known as the ‘Tubbytronic Superdome’. The show’s colorful setting was designed to appeal to the attention spans of younger children (infants). It was aimed to unlock different sections of the mind while educating toddler of transitions than can be expected in life.


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