Learning Resources Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Glad to be sharing. That is how I felt when asked to fill the meeting of kindergarten teachers in Wukirsari on August 4 yesterday, together with Mbak Ganis. We represent the ICBC Child Psychosocial Health Program, then were asked to share their experiences on local-based educational game tools (APE). Honestly, I am very happy. Sharing experiences with kindergarten teachers as well. In my mind, I talked to the teachers about something I was in, and of course they were doing it every day.

o, flow the experience that afternoon. Well, the mothers explained to me and Mbak Ganis, what is APE, what does it do, and what do the teachers in the class usually do as a teaching material? There are so many questions they can answer.

All the thoughts that are in my mind, which I am about to convey to them, are dispersed. I imagine they should be given an early understanding of APE, but the realities of talking. Apparently, the shadow is just a shadow. There, I was stunned. The teachers – most of whom were women – were well aware of the APEs made from these locally. Many of them are able to elaborate on APE, and most of them already understand about APE made from local. Wow, I salute with it. I was made a long-lying, half-confident. But maybe because of that, I became even more free and relaxed sharing with them.

To me, these mothers are lucky to teach in areas like Cangkringan. Why? Because they have a lot of learning resources with a rural base, complete. The source of learning they have, may be making a lot of teachers in my kind of city, envious of half-dead. How come? Look, there are mountains, rice paddies, many farm animals that can be explored as widely as possible. While I and many other teachers in the city, did not find such luxury. We can only bring cows and mountains through pictures. Rice fields, can only be found by our children if we happen to hold a field trip “pretentious to nature”, by paying a certain fee. And, certainly not cheap.

With the “luxury” is, in my opinion, teachers in kindergarten in areas such as Cangkringan can even freely be creative use of the natural surroundings. Take the children down to the fields, gardening, playing mud as much. Here, the main point is the creativity of each teacher; the ability to explore and want to know that is continually nurtured. That is the key to creating a very fun lesson.
The ability of exploration and creativity can be realized through various things. Make your own toys for example. Used cartons, leaves, twigs, earth, wood, trees, me, you; everything can be a very educational game tool, cheap too. In addition to cheap, the purpose for the future, which is much greater is to invite and educate children to love the environment. Tug more grandiose is friendly with nature. The concept of learning resources based on local materials actually does have such a purpose, is not it?
It’s just that I feel the mothers do not really understand and live the “luxuries” of their learning resources. I do not know, it’s just the feeling that I see their fairly flat reactions when I blazingly explain to them the “luxury” they have. And how I envy it.

The discussion and sharing of the afternoon experience concluded with the practice of making APE. I happen to have some examples of this homemade APE. That day, I brought something that I call a color domino. The basic ingredients needed for this APE are milk cartons, crayons, scissors, pencils, and rulers. Of course the four objects mentioned in the back, not too foreign to the teachers is not it? Because as teachers of family planning and kindergarten, surely the tools are very often used.

This color domino card is a very fun play material. Playing primary colors, shape concepts, and game concepts are things that are actually targeted by this game. for kindergarten children, the level of difficulty can be coupled with the concept amount.
It’s funny to see these mothers wrestle with cardboard and crayons like that. I can see the enthusiasm of some mothers, but I also see the reluctance of some other mothers. Maybe they are reluctant because a game like this is considered to drain energy to make it. Or, why bother making a toy like this? Just buy it right? Hmm .. once again it’s something in my head.

That day, I got something very useful. I also hope, I am able to give something useful for them too. Glad that.
On the way home, I thought at my head: what if this kind of discussion forum is more often held, about the growth of the child for example. I, again, feel they need it.

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