How to Rule Children Without Resistance

1. Using the ‘After-While Method’
This is one of the tactics of telling a child to do something, for example learning or doing the task.
“While doing the work, Rodney wants to make what? Cheese burger or milkshake?”
“After cleaning the bedroom, Rodney can play the game for half an hour.”
2. Using “Options” to Achieve Goals
Some children are hard to take baths. There are so many reasons that then lead to a hot debate between children and parents. In order for things like this do not happen again, you can try the following way.

The trick is to give a choice. But, you must first determine the goal. Example of the goal: the child will bathe. Then, tell the child, “Rodney would take a bath now or five minutes?” If Rodney answers, “Five more minutes”, then give consent. You can use wall clock help, so you and your child can mark visually or visually the agreement. For example, “Well, when the long needle goes 6, yes.”

It’s okay to wait for 5 minutes, more importantly the final goal, that Rodney bathing, is achieved. This is faster than the usual long debate.

3. Conduct Command As if it is a Child’s Idea
Tell Rodney to stop playing more fun with this phrase, “Got it, yuk, play the game. Play scrabble with Mama, yuk.”

This method is more effective than getting Rodney to play the game while getting angry or giving long-winded advice as it always does.

Tell the boy to brush his teeth with a command line like this, “Rodney, brush his teeth, otherwise Rodney’s teeth will be broken”, will produce a sullen child’s face. Rodney did want to brush his teeth, but done with forced. He worked it out lazily and grunted.

It will be another result when we use this phrase, “Who has not brushed your teeth?” This sentence is more effective because Rodney does not feel ruled to brush his teeth.

Okay, try these 3 simple ways Mom / Dad. After that, we meet in the next article that will discuss about how to build closeness with children. Good luck!

Oh, do not forget, tell me your experience in the comments section, okay?!

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