How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

Children who read for pleasure become lifelong readers

Helping children learn to read means more than just teaching them the names and sounds of the alphabet. It more about how to get your child interested in reading and make them understand that reading has a lot of advantages in our lives. Reading is also fun! Once he feel it, your goal to get your child to love reading has been achieved. Yay!

In order to get your child to love reading, you need to invest your time and energy. Do not push your child too hard. Because pressure, instead of pleasure, make your child lose his desire to read. Sometimes it happens at school. Kids learn reading skills in school, but often they come to associate reading with work, not pleasure. As a result, they lose their desire to read. And it is that desire – the curiosity and interest – that is the cornerstone to using reading and related skills successfully.

Get Your Child to Love Reading with Some Simple Ways


There are many things you can do to help your child have a love of reading. Try some of these. I bet they are all natural and there will be a lot of fun!

1. Let your child know that reading is useful. For example, reading the food label makes you know what the ingredients are.
2. When writing a phone number or writing a message, show your child what you’ve just wrote.
3. If you see your child interested in pictures or words in milk boxes or another packaging, read out the words and tell him what they mean.
4. When your child is drawing, write down what your child tells you about the picture. Then read it aloud to him.
5. While walking with your child in a housing complex, explain some of the words you find. For example, the meaning of the word and STOP mark.
6. Show also signs of places you normally visit, such as banks, grocery stores, post offices, bus stops, and tell the child what the word is.
7. Help your child see the connection between reading and writing.
8. When you write a grocery list, show it to your child. You can say, “These are the things we’ll buy at the store: milk, white bread, and orange juice.” Point at each word as you say it aloud.
9. Store old catalog boxes, magazines, and phone books. Your child can use these things to play. They help your child to getting familiar with words and books.
10. When your child and his friend having lunch at home, let them pretend to be in the restaurant, make a menu and write orders on small notebooks.
11. Provide a quiet and comfortable place to read and browse books.
12. Establish reading as part of the bedtime routine.
13. Visit the county/city library to select a book and read the story to your child.
14. Always bring a booklet or mini book in your pocket or bag. You can read the book to your child wherever you are: when riding a bus/train, or while waiting at the doctor’s clinic.

Still thinking that getting your child to love reading is a tough job? It turns out not exactly as you’ve thought, right? Do not get bored if your child seem to not enjoy reading. To love reading is a process. And every child has their own process. May be next Monday your child has started to enjoy reading. Or may be next month or next 2 months. No need to rush and over criticize your son. First thing to do, ask yourself whether you like to read or not? To know and to see his parents enjoy reading, the more your child get to love reading… .

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