Feeding The Birds – A Fun Children Activity

Knowing what the different birds prefer to eat is important. The insect-eating birds (the titmouse, the bluebird, the chickadee, the bluejay, among others) will come to eat the suet. Sparrows, cardinals, finches, and bob-whites will want seeds when they flock to a feeding station. Cedar waxwings, mockingbirds, and robins like fruit and berries. Hummingbirds like sweet nectar made from sugar and water.

With your child, you can make seed feeders. The simplest is a wooden shelf with a rim around it to keep the wind from blowing the seeds off. Place it in a shelteredpart of a tree. You may want to put a little roof oit. A good device for seeds or suet is half of a coconut shell. Poke two holes into it, run a string through the holes and fill the upturned shell with seeds or suet and hang onto a tree.

There are many other ways to feed the birds. Let your child decides what kind of way they’d like to try. As alternatives, they can string cranberries, popcorn and raisins, and hang them around an evergreen tree. Slice apples, oranges and other fruits, pull a string through them and also hang them from a tree. Little tin cans filled with used bacon fat or other greases can be suspended from trees or feeding posts.

Well, let’s see what the next interesting activities with birds in the next articles.

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