When Your Cat’s Back Legs Staggering, Hind Limping

Your cat’s back legs are staggering? His back legs are limp, so when walking, running or jumping, he falls?

cat's hind limping-weak-staggering_r

There may be several causes of cat’s back legs staggering. First, there is the possibility of your cat lacking calcium, an important substance needed by his bones. Second, your cat is malnourished. In this situation, cats usually lose appetite. Maybe he felt his body was uncomfortable, less healthy, then lose appetite. Because of his reluctance to eat, the nutrients in the body decrease and resulted in the weakening of the body, starting from the hind legs.

Next, check your cat’s stomach. After eating, usually, the cat’s stomach is enlarged. But does his stomach look bigger than usual? If the size of the stomach is unusually large, you should check the litter box. Do you see his feces? Recall the last time your cat poops. Cats generally poop 1 to 3 times a day. Well, if your cat’s belly enlarged and you don’t see any feces in his litter box, then maybe your cat’s experiencing constipation. Feces that should have been come out, still pile up in the digestive tract. And when this happens, the strength of the hind legs becomes affected. Just like us when experiencing constipation, usually, we have difficulty with walking upright and feel less comfortable when sitting. That’s how the cat feels, let’s say….

Constipation occurs due to several things. Among them because the cat drinks less water so the fluid in his body decreased and leads to dehydration. The imbalance between food and water intake causes the digestion process to be substandard. Cat litter is prone to hard and difficult to released. This is an important note for cats whose main food is dried food.

First Help When Your Cat’s Back Legs Staggering

Contact the vet immediately if your cat experiencing this (back legs staggering). But if time and distance become another problem at the moment, you can try this simple steps at first helps. Maybe it could ease or even cure his pain. Okay, try to give him wet food. Wet foods contain enough water. Mostly, wet foods also contain a mixture of jelly (from seaweed) or other vegetables. Seaweed and vegetables that have a high fiber content are good for digestion. No need to worry, a little vegetable is also useful for carnivores.

when cat back legs staggering-hind limping_rAfter a while, check out the litter box. If you find a feces, even a little or small, it’s okay. Then check his stomach. Is it still hard and large? Usually, if he has poop, his stomach will shrink. After that, notice whether your cat’s back legs staggering and his way stumbling.

Based on our experience, less than 12 hours since he ate wet food, the cat’s condition has improved considerably. The stomach shrank and your cat’s back legs aren’t staggering anymore. Now he could walk without limping. Of course, this is for the case of a cat whose legs are weak and stumbling because of constipation. For other reasons, we’ll discuss it in the next article.

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