Blue’s Clues: One of The Best Children’s Television Show

Blue’s Clues is one of American children’s television show airing on the Nickelodeon. The show premiered on September 8, 1996 and airs on Nick Jr. and other channels, although production of new episodes ceased by 2006.

Blue’s Clues starring an animated blue dog and Steve Burns as the host. Burns has been preschooler favorite for seven years he’s airing. In the show, Burns helping Blue (the dog) solving problems step by step with the clues they’ve found.

blues clues best children television show

Versions of the show have been produced in other countries, including in the United Kingdom. It was created by a “green team” of producers, Angela C. Santomero, Todd Kessler,  and Traci Paige Johnson, who used concepts learned from child development and early-childhood education research to create a television show that would capture preschool children’s attention and help them learn. The team used the narrative format in their presentation of material, as opposed to the more traditional magazine format, and structured every episode the same way.

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