A Story About Birds Life: A Birdhouse

This is a story about the life of the birds. Try this outdoor activity, let your children learning by observe the birds’ behavior. May be they will need to open their books or go to internet to satisfy their curiousity. And be ready to enjoy your special moments together.

If your children would like to have bird neighbors in your yard, build a house for them. You can make a simple birdhouse with some scraps of strong wood. Glue or nail the house together.

Make the entrance hole about 1,25 inches in diameter. That would be the right size for most brds. If you want only wrens then make a smaller opening -about 0,7 inches wide- to keep out larger birds. Nail or fasten the birdhouse to a post about 6 feet above the ground. If the post is of wood, nail some tin around the post (to make it slippery) or make a collar of tin, to keep animals, especially cats, from climbing up to pay the birds unwelcome visits. Don’t build too big a house because birds don’t like other bird families around. Don’t paint the house with bright colors, as birds prefer brown or gray.

When the house is all set up, kids will be amused as they watch the birds inspect the house before they move in. In a short time, the birds will make themselves at home and build a nest. You can ask the kids to help by leaving bits of yarn, string, straw and cotton nearby.

Ask your children to make a written record of what the birds do while they are stay there. While watching the birds build their nest, kids can observe what materials they brings. Kids will be excited when they first notice eggs in the nest, and the first birdling.

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